Life Is…Your Choice!

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A New England clothing company is doing quite well with attractive, simple clothing that says Life Is G_ _ d.  You’ll have to fill in the blank since they have trademark and copyright protection on the now popular slogan.

Not to be out done, another company upped the fashion statement stakes by printing Life is Gre_ _. Great is better than good, so why wouldn’t one want to buy their great clothes instead of only the good stuff? Of course, a cynical company came out with shirts that have a more pessimistic outlook saying, Life Su_ _s!

I’m sure if I searched the Web for a few minutes that I could find a shirt that just says “Life is….” That’s the one I want to wear!  It’s full of choices and possibilities and facts.  After all, it is true that life is.  It takes a judgment on one’s part as to how one will choose to fill in the rest of the blanks. I guess it depends on how one feels about one’s life. Life is…(up to you to decide).

I’m not about to wade into the muck of the pro-life versus pro-choice debate, because I am actually both.  Not where pregnancy is involved, but where life is involved after someone’s mom chooses to give someone a life to live.  I am definitely “pro” about one choosing to live one’s life to its fullest!

Life is…not a slogan to be worn. It’s a daily choice to make and then to live, moment by amazing moment. Sometimes life is sad, sometimes life is boring, sometimes life is happy, but no matter what, life always is until it’s not and then it’s not called life anymore.

Just like our wardrobe, we have many choices on what type of life we want to wear each day. Every night the game of life cards get shuffled and a new hand to play today is dealt to each of us.  Will we fold?  Will we bluff? Will we up the ante? Will we go all in?  We are given the choice to play our hand as we see fit. It’s called living.

Life is…your choice!

It’s not just a t-shirt.  It’s a way of life. Wear your’s proudly.  Your life is a one-of-a-kind, designer original!

I’ll take mine fired up please!!!

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