Turn Your Thoughts Into Action

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Thought was lonely and bored, so he pondered how he could meet some friends. He posted a personal ad that read, “Looking for a meaningful and satisfying relationship.” 

Dream was floating around on the mental web and responded to Thought’s ad.  They went out on a date and found that they were in-fact very similar and had a lot in common.

Thought was very comfortable hanging out with Dream. She told him amazing stories of possibilities that he had never even considered. She introduced him to her best friend Hope. Thought had a great time having long and deep conversations with Dream and Hope.  It seemed that both of them could talk on and on forever. It was heady stuff for Thought, but after a while it seemed to him that Dream and Hope were repeating themselves and that while he loved their companionship, Thought was pretty much still in the same place that he had been before he met them.

One day while thinking about his situation, a very interesting character sat down next to him.  The stranger quickly stuck out his hand and curtly introduced himself as Decision. Thought and Decision shook hands and Thought began to tell Decision about his floundering relationship woes with Dream and Hope. After only a brief minute, Decision interrupted Thought with, “Ok, I got it.”

Decision was quick to point out all the pros and cons to Thought’s Hope and Dream drama and persuasively advised that a new course was called for.  Thought had to make a choice if he didn’t want to have a bored, lonely, meaningless, and unsatisfying life.  All Thought had to do, according to Decision, was to choose to think about his situation differently and it would magically be that way he chose for it to be.

Thought carefully ruminated on Decision’s advice.  Could it be that easy?  Making a different choice seemed as easy as changing clothes to Thought. He took Decision’s advice. With his eyes closed tightly and his brow wrinkled, Thought made a new choice with all his might to live a life that was exciting, loved, meaningful and satisfying.  He chose this thought over and over again, but each time he opened his eyes, he was still sitting right where he was living the same life he had been living. Decision had seemed so sure of himself that Thought questioned his thinking abilities. “Maybe I’m just not choosing hard enough or maybe I don’t really want this new life bad enough?” considered Thought.

While Thought was lost in his thoughts, he was rudely brought to the present moment by the sudden, sharp pain caused by a pointed high healed shoe quickly stepping on his foot. “OUCH!!!” cried out Thought. His painful scream startled the beautiful but determined walker mid-stride.  She stopped and turned around and noticed Thought.  “Oh my, I’m so sorry!” she chirped rapid fire with a smile.  “I didn’t see you there. My name is Action and I hope you will forgive me for stepping on your toes, I tend to do that a lot.”

Thought felt an immediate attraction to this stunningly beautiful woman before him.  Thought was sure that it was love at first sight. Thought jumped to his somewhat throbbing feet and took a couple of steps toward her.  Action met him half-way.

“Where are you headed in such a rush?” asked Thought.

“I’m off on yet another adventure. I need to stop by and pick up my friends, Dream, Hope and Decision. We like to travel together.  I’m the only one who can drive you see!” exclaimed Action with a quick giggle that sent excited tingles up and down Thought’s entire being.

Without giving it a second thought, Thought blurted out, “Can I come too?”

“Hey, the choice is yours!  You’re welcome to join us. There’s plenty of room on our bus,” invited Action.

“Where are you all going?” inquired Thought.

“It really doesn’t matter, as long as we are all traveling together.  We always seem to end up right where we are supposed to be,” said an already in-motion Action over her shoulder.

Thought caught up to Action and took her hand and together they met up with Dream, Hope and Decision and began their journey of a lifetime.

Thought never gave boredom, loneliness, or meaninglessness a second thought.  He was too busy having a satisfying trip in the company of friends.

Yes, he did choose to live happily ever after.

What’s holding you back from taking the journey of your lifetime?  Have you met Thought’s friend Action yet?

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