Waiting Rooms or Living Rooms

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Due to a family member’s medical condition, I’ve spent a couple of days in hospital waiting rooms. 


Waiting for news.  Waiting for a change.  Waiting for something different. Waiting for healing. Waiting for a miracle. Waiting for peace. Waiting. 

There’s actually a lot of living that goes on in a waiting room. People worry, reminisce, chat, eat, read, watch TV, some try to work, surf the net, talk on phones, text, pray, laugh and cry.  All of these and more while waiting. 

A special factory must build waiting room clocks. Clocks of a slower ticking variety based on heartbeats instead of seconds. 


Most people find themselves occupying waiting rooms out of love. Some wait out a sense of duty, obligation or even guilt. Whatever their motivation, they all must wait in unison for whatever is to come next. 

I sit now in my living room,where many of the same activities as I observed in the waiting room go on.  The big difference is the clock which seems to flash forward between glances. Living versus waiting time. 

Is it possible that all too often we remodel our living room into a waiting room? We wait for word of what is to come next and put living on hold? Tick, Tock, Tick sounds the clock as life continues to unwind. 

Are you waiting to start living in whatever room you are in?  What are you waiting on? Is it possible to start living now and allow whatever is to happen next to catch up with you in progress? 

What are you waiting for?  

Whatever it is that you seek, or wait for, you do not go alone.  

I  hope that you don’t wait too long, so that your ideal life has a beginning and a rich middle long before it has an end. 

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