Formula for a Really Bad Boss

What’s the formula for a really bad boss?

Selfish x Amoral x Untrustworthy+Indifferent+Inconsistent+Pessimistic+Paranoid=Bad Boss

By living the opposite of each element, you are a great boss!

Selfless x Moral x Trustworthy+Compassionate+Consistent+Optimistic+Trusting=Good Boss

My formulas may be incomplete.  What would you like to be added?  Are you fortunate to work for a good boss? Are you frustrated by working for a bad boss?

If you are a boss, are your actions adding up to the sum of either formula in the eye’s of your employees?


About Andrew W Dix, MS, BCC
Author, Board Certified Executive Business Coach, Trainer, Reiss Motivation Profile Master and Private Pilot. Expertise in motivational intelligence, leadership development, strengths, management, coaching, and change management. Available for keynote addresses.

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