Top 20 Significant Suppers

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With whom would you most like to be able to share a “Significant Supper?” This dream dinner could be with someone you admire, find interesting, intrigues you, has inspired you, or maybe just shares a common interest.  The only requirement is that you are fairly confident that the evening would be “significant” in your life.  Whom would you choose to invite?  Money and reality can be suspended.  I like to only consider living dinner companions.

Here’s my top 20 Significant Supper list, in no particular order:

Dr. David L. Cook–Author, speaker, and peak performance consultant. He is passionate about moving men from success to significance. Included some aviation in his wonderful book,Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days At The Links Of Utopia.”

Zig Ziglar–Master salesman, speaker, author, and an amazing teacher.

Richard Bach–Author and pilot.

Jimmy Buffet–Musician, author and pilot.

Bob Buford–Author of the must-read for middle-agers book, Halftime.” Founder of the significance movement.

Robert Fulghum–Author and master storyteller.

Donald Miller–Author and speaker who wrote, Blue Like Jazz” and other really well written books.

Tom Rath–Author, researcher at The Gallup Company. He wrote StrengthsFinder 2.0.”

Jeffrey Gitomer–Master salesman, author, speaker and trainer. The Sales Bible” is one of the best sales books ever written.

Roy H. Williams“The Wizard of Ads.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer–Author, speaker, and teacher.

Patrick Morley–“The Man In The Mirror.”

Ray Hilbert–Author, speaker, teacher at Truth@Work. Wrote “The Janitor” and “The Carrot Chaser.”  (Ray is the one guy on my list I get to have significant and hilarious suppers with, but I always look forward to our next one!)

Marshall Goldsmith–Executive coach.

Sir Richard Branson–Virgin visionary.

Dr. Ken Blanchard–Author, speaker, and “The One Minute Manager.”

Daniel Priestley–Author, TEDster.

Guy Kawasaki–Author, Co-Founder of

Dr. Rick Warren–Pastor, Author, Speaker, Teacher.  Wrote, The Purpose Driven Life.”

Jesus Christ–Son of God, Wonderful Teacher, Counselor, Rabbi, Savior and former human craftsman.  I’ll save this one for my last supper, because I know it’s going to be an eternally long one.  I’m betting the angel food is heavenly!

Whom would you like to have a significant conversation with over dinner?

As I was writing this dream list, I started thinking about the “Significant” dinner conversations I am blessed to have daily.  “How was your day?” “What was your favorite part of today?” “Tell me about your day.”  I am fortunate to have a family who believes in sitting down together to say grace, share our evening meal and have significant chats about our lives.  You never know what conversations will end up being truly significant. Often one finds significant meaning in what seems mundane at first.

While I would really enjoy sharing a meal and a conversation with any of the above people, I would not trade a one of my family’s common table talks for an evening with any of them, except for the one who I believe joins us nightly anyway in spirit.

Have you shared any significant suppers?  Is it possible that maybe you have been involved in signficant suppers and you have just not been listening and paying attention?

Are you prepared to have your first and forever supper with Jesus?

Your table is set. It’s supper time.


About Andrew W Dix, MS, BCC
Author, Board Certified Executive Business Coach, Trainer, Reiss Motivation Profile Master and Private Pilot. Expertise in motivational intelligence, leadership development, strengths, management, coaching, and change management. Available for keynote addresses.

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