16 Motives Behind What You Crave to Do

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Have you ever had a true craving or desire that just won’t go away?   According to Dr. Steven Reiss, PhD., there are 16 different psychological itches or motives that only a certain behaviors can scratch to satisfy and they are hard-wired into our individual beings.  A motive/value’s intensity is felt differently by each person. Our motivational individuality is what makes us who we are and explains why we do much of what we do.

Dr. Reiss has written two fascinating books on his extensive research of these 16 motives. “Who am I? The 16 Basic Desires that Motivate Our Actions and Define Our Personalities,” and “The Normal Personality: A New Way of Thinking about People.”

Understanding one’s motives/values can lead one to live a life that feels fulfilled and satisfying. I believe that one could combine the understanding of one’s natural strengths with an awareness of one’s 16 motives/values and use this information to better guide oneself to a life’s vocation.

Living a life that satisfies one’s natural appetites by using one’s strengths is a great way to feel Fired Up!

I highly recommend you consider reading Dr. Reiss’s books and get to know the drivers behind your natural behaviors, desires and satisfactions.

What do you crave?

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