Insect Philosophy: A Bug’s Life or Yours?


Butterfly (Photo credit: fox_kiyo)

Student caterpillar climbed the bodhi tree to ask insect philosopher the meaning of life.

The philosopher told caterpillar, “Fly before you die.”

Is there a metamorphosis in your 2013?

Will this be the year you choose to convert your potential and your dreams into becoming the possible you?

Will you fly before you die?

How to Get What You Want

Looking Back at LIFE

Looking Back at LIFE (Photo credit: CliffMuller)

Wanting an Answer

“What do you want most in life?”-asked the life coach.

“I want more of what I want and less of what I don’t want.”-responded the client.

“Seems reasonable, what do you think is keeping you from getting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want?”-asked the coach.

“I don’t know what I want!”-said the client.

Do you know what you want in life?

Are you engaged in the active pursuit of your happiness, satisfaction, legacy, dreams and purpose in life or are you living a life of unintended consequences? Have you chosen to be the author of your life’s epic autobiography or are you an extra in a crowd scene, under someone else’s direction? Do you know what you want in life?

Life Test

Here’s a simple  life test to help you check the essential quality of your life. It’s a simple test, but it is not easy.

Instructions: Complete the following statements to your satisfaction. No one else can possibly answer these statements for you.  Give yourself permission to be totally honest. Do not require the answers to be realistic, practical or responsible. Your dreams are welcome here. Good luck!

1) In my ideal life, I want…

2) In my ideal life, I do not want…

Scoring: Think about your statements and then objectively rate your life and assign a score based on evidence from your life.  Which question has the most points?  Are you getting the most of what you want the most?

What if you still don’t know what you really want? Then you should be satisfied with whatever you get. Not you? Then maybe you are not listening to your life as it tells you what you want. Are you feeling frustrated?


If you experience a sense of frustration, then chances are you are not getting enough of what you want. The stronger your sense of frustration, the more you have a clear indication that you are not getting something you want.  A Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) can be very helpful by revealing your most valued needs. We want most what we value and need the most. (You can e-mail me at if you would like to complete a Reiss Motivation Profile ®.)

What Does the Possibility Store Have In Store For You?

Imagine you are strolling down the aisle of the Possibility Store where you can buy anything, including thoughts, dreams, feelings and experiences. Are you shopping for you or are you buying what someone else has told you that you should buy? Are you filling your life cart in a futile attempt to fulfill your parent’s expectations? Are you trying to purchase the approval of others? Are both hands filled with other people’s’ “shoulds” so you have no free hand to pick up what you want? You can get anything you want at the Possibility Store, but there are no refunds or returns. Choose what you want carefully but don’t be afraid to try some unfamiliar items on to see how they fit. Experiment and try before you buy.

Everyday we are shopping at the Possibility Store and don’t even realize it. Regrettably,  we often allow other people to write out our life’s shopping list for us and then complain that we didn’t get what we want. Other times, we don’t want to invest the time, effort or resources to get what we want, so we settle for dissatisfaction and frustration instead.

Your Ideal Life Is Waiting On You

You stand a much better chance of getting what you want by knowing what you want. Your ideal life is waiting on you to decide how you desire to answer the question of your lifetime…”What do you want most in life?”

Welcome to the Possibility Store.  Is it time to shop for your ideal life?

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