How To STAY In Control Of Yourself

self control

self control (Photo credit: pakyouare)


The term knee-jerk reaction means to act impulsively based on one’s nature.  Sometimes one’s natural reaction is not the most appropriate response to achieve one’s desired outcome for a situation. So how can someone maintain self-control long enough to fight one’s natural response and formulate an appropriate response?


Remember to STAY in control of yourself.


S-stop what you are thinking about impulsively doing or reacting before you do it.


T-think about what you know and need to know to make and appropriate choice.  Think about what you want to have happen and what you don’t want to have happen in the situation.


A-act appropriately to get what you want.


Y-you did it! Celebrate your self-control!


A Reiss Motivation Profile® can help someone understand what is motivating his/her to follow their nature.  Once one understands one’s natural motives and needs, then one can better STAY in-control under stress.  Human’s tend to revert to our primary motives most strongly under stress.  When flooded in a stressful situation, a human will typically have the most difficult time remaining in self-control.  Our natural reaction is fight or flight to survive the perceived stress.  Our natural reactions to more complex situations are often not well served by this natural reaction.  We need to formulate the appropriate response to get what we want.


The next time you find yourself wanting to react, STAY in-control and see if you can respond appropriately.  Practice may not make perfect, but it will increase your odds of success.







About Andrew W Dix, M.S.
Author, Motivational Speaker, Performance Improvement Specialist, Executive Coach, Trainer, Reiss Motivation Profile Master and Private Pilot. Expertise in motivation, leadership, strengths, management, coaching, advertising and sales.

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