Run Your Race

Horse Racing

Horse Racing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why has a Clydesdale never won the Kentucky Derby?

A Clydesdale is an amazingly beautiful, strong, large and powerful steed, but it was built to pull and not for speed. A Thoroughbred is born to run but would not be the best teammate to pull a beer wagon.

When one fights one’s natural motivation in a vain attempt to win the purse, one’s needs will outlast one’s willpower. When life is a drag, maybe you are pulling the wrong wagon? When someone pursues a career based on anything but one’s hard-wired needs, desires and personal strengths, one is horsing around like a Clydesdale seeking to win the Triple Crown. We chronically deny our natural needs at great risk to our well-being.

Do what you love. Passionately pursue your dreams. Develop and use your natural strengths. Minimize the impact of your natural weaknesses by managing around them. Know what you need to feel genuine satisfaction and develop healthy habits which consistently satisfy your needs.

If you do those things, you will be running your own race and are bound to win!

If you don’t really know what you need to feel satisfied, then complete a Reiss Motivation Profile. Send me an e-mail at andy@lifematchesbook to schedule a personal consultation and you can learn which of the sixteen human needs are most important to your sense of satisfaction. To learn more about living your strengths, buy a copy of my book, “Life Matches: Fire Up Your Life!” available from Visit my site to download free exercises from my book at

Live the life you were uniquely born to live. When you do, you’ll be living Fired Up!

About Andrew W Dix, MS, BCC
Author, Board Certified Executive Business Coach, Trainer, Reiss Motivation Profile Master and Private Pilot. Expertise in motivational intelligence, leadership development, strengths, management, coaching, and change management. Available for keynote addresses.

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