A Must Read for Anyone Who Has A High Need To Achieve!

Can old dogs learn new tricks? Absolutely.

Do highly accomplished high-need-for-achievement professionals (very talented old dogs) like to risk feeling like a beginner and novice to learn something new? Absolutely not!

Unfortunately, the path to growth runs through feeling anxiously vulnerable and exposed. Why do that when one can rest safely on one’s laurels? Because a sure sign of life is growth!

Of you are a professional eagle who has gotten too comfortable sitting in your nest, reading “Flying Without a Net” can get you soaring to new heights of professional growth, achievement and satisfaction.

Feeling a little too comfortable in your mundane nest of past accomplishments? Afraid to learn what you need to so you are equipped to take on a new challenge? Need a spark? Read Flying Without a Net: Turn Fear of Change into Fuel for Success by Thomas J. DeLong
Link: http://amzn.com/142216229X

Warning: reading this book may cause you to live Fired Up!

Unforecasted Moments


Joy is often found in appreciating unforecasted moments. For three minutes the Fall Indiana sky erupted with a volcano of color. It wasn’t forecasted, it wasn’t expected. I wonder how many people were awestruck like me or were to preoccupied to notice?

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