The Better Tree

Secluded in a distant corner

of life’s mysterious and murky forest

grows the better tree.

Towering through a fog of possibilities

its branches stretch skyward

seeking to bask in the radiance of the sun’s energy.

Atop a new each day

matures the most satisfying of life’s delights,

a single ripened better fruit.

Camouflaged by life’s

amusements and distractions,

the better tree is invisible to many.

Few choose to ever seek it out

and fewer still decide to make the daily climb

in a quest to taste true satisfaction.

Those brave souls of a tenacious bent

who discipline themselves to make the trek

may still find the slippery bark and thorny limbs

too daunting a foe and quit.


Photo by Andy Dix

Photo by Andy Dix

Others remain content to

gorge on lesser fallen fruit

which momentarily fills

but does not satisfy.

On the best of days

growth’s hunger creates

an insatiable desire

to tolerate the climb’s

peril and pain.

For those who have tasted the sweetest fruit of the better tree

have seen their life’s world in truth’s blinding light.

They have savored the warmth of satisfaction

flowing throughout their being.

Knowing tomorrow’s climb awaits

but for the moment they can appreciate,

the worthiness of today’s effort for

the wisdom and experience gained,

has made them better.


Will you choose to seek the better fruit and make your daily climb?









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