Don’t Try to Read Your Employees’ Minds

Different individual motives can create the need for the same behavior. We tend to explain other’s behavior using our own biased values. Asking, “Please help me understands why you…” Is an important step in avoiding rash, inaccurate judgments and instead gaining empathetic understanding. Putting your feet in someone else’s shoes will not allow you to walk in their personal world view.

Faith to Fly



When I walk to the edge
of all the light I have
and take that step into
the darkness of the unknown
I believe one of two things will happen.

There will be something
solid for me to stand on
Or I will be taught to fly.

-S. Marlin Edges

I wish you and I will someday share in the freedom, joy and security of Edges’ faith. The faith to live with no fear of falling short.

At the right moment your teacher will appear.  Will you accept the lesson?

I wish I had come across this poem while I was writing Life Matches: Fire Up Your Life!  I would have loved to been able to include it in the book.  It speaks to me of unshakable faith, resilience and self-confidence in one’s beliefs.  When one knows one’s strengths and uses them to the point of mastery, then one can approach uncertainty as an opportunity to learn, grow, and stretch one’s strengths.  This is also fertile ground for spiritual growth.  It is certainly cause to Fire Up!

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