Yielding for Reconstruction 

Winter’s busywork of creating potholes has been highly successful this year.  Reconstruction crews are hard at work on what seems like nearly every road I drive.  One street I travel daily, was scraped bare of all of its pavement and the underlying damage to its concrete roadbed was repaired, before it was finally repaved and made like new.  

Winter’s freezing and thawing has a way of breaking up even the sturdiest of foundations.  Reconstruction means unexpected detours and delays as the road ahead is made safe and smooth again.

Trying to travel through a reconstruction zone can be maddeningly slow as traffic is backed up by the crew worker with the sign on a pole.  We all wait for the moment when the Stop sign flips around to Slow, so we can make progress again on our journeys.  When we get stuck in reconstruction, all we can do is yield and wait.

I’ve come to understand the Holy significance of yielding and waiting while life is scraped down to its foundation for repairs.  God can start a life reconstruction project without warning.  Your normal habitual route is suddenly blocked or closed.  You are forced to accept the wait and yield your progress and plans for the promise of a smoother ride or better future destination.  

Do you have the patience to yield life’s progress to allow the Creator of the Universe to strip away what is broken and make repairs?  Does your foundation need shored up and not just patched?  Maybe the road ahead is permanently closed and you are being rerouted to a new, unplanned destination.  Can we trust and yield as the work is done?  The promise is for our paths to be made smooth and straight.  All we must do is wait while the work is being done and stay alert for the signs ahead…Caution, Slow Down, Detour, Stop, Yield.

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