Where We Must Meet

The past me you remember

May or may not be true and recognizable

To the me you see right here.

A new me rises daily as do you.

While familiar, in this moment,

We remain mysteriously unknown

To each other and to ourselves.

Our future selves, unborn in tomorrow

Have endless opportunities for good first impressions.

But they have yet to arrive into being

And so are total strangers to us both.

Should we conspire to neither bring our mental scrapbooks

Of yesterday’s people who we are no longer,

We can welcome our discoveries;

Not remembering past pains

And judge us kindly companions

Worthy of sharing our journey through this day or hour.

As we are we cannot meet in past nor future.

We must choose to meet here and now.

It’s the only time we have,

If we are to ever meet at all.

Andy Dix

Little Glen Lake

Glen Arbor, MI


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