Unplug and Recharge: When Burnout Fries Your Motivation by Joan Borysenko

Burned Out

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Author Joan Borysenko references Berkeley psychologist Christina Maslach‘s scale that measures the three basic components of the burnout syndrome:

1) emotional exhaustion and physical depletion;

2) loss of empathy;

3)  decrease in self-confidence and competence.

Fizzling out or burnout starts by over working and under resting.  Read some simple tips to recharging that can get you back to living Fired Up!

Unplug and Recharge: When Burnout Fries Your Motivation by Joan Borysenko.

Super Sunday

Bread and Circuses (album)

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The much hyped, made for TV sporting spectacle in Texas this weekend, reminds me of a quote from 1st Century AD Roman poet, Juvenal. He wrote in his Satire X:

 “Give them bread and circuses and the they (citizens) will never revolt.” 

As I read the troubling headlines both domestically and abroad,  I fear far too many of us have our loaf and ticket in hand.

Please pass me the bread bowl and dip, it’s almost kickoff time.

Please pray for our world and our leaders for wisdom and peace.


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“When you’re dog tired, nothing feels as good as curling up in your bark-a-lounger”-Bosley B. Hound.

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