How to Find a Great Boyfriend. Character Word Find.

Here’s a link to a free word find puzzle I created to help me discuss good character traits of possible boyfriends with my pre-teen daughter. Click here for the Finding Character Word Find Puzzle. Good luck parents!

Your Daughter Has Some Big News

The end of a long day of travel and work. I had finally settled into my hotel room and was checking in with my family for my daily update from home, when my wife cheerfully dropped a verbal bombshell.  She said, “Your daughter has some big news!” My daddy senses immediately went on red alert as I braced myself for whatever was to come next.

“She has her first boyfriend,” cooed my bride in the same tone she had made on other childhood milestones such as her first word, step and solo complete potty mission.

She was referring to my pre-teen middle schooler.  My daughter.  Daddy’s little girl!

I was less than enthusiastic to receive the “big news.”

I fussed and fumed on the five hour drive home the next evening about how a perfectly modern and semi-rational Christian dad should approach such a monumental moment in the life of my precious daughter.  I had never met this young man who had an interest in my first-born. My imagination ran a little (OK, a lot) wild with what kind of person this uninvited intruder into my life might be.

As the miles and hours rolled on, I began to calm down and thought about how to create a memorable family moment for daughter and daddy.  I wanted her to know how important the company you keep is in life. I wanted her to know how much I loved her and wanted her to be happy. I daydreamed of a calm and loving  conversation regarding the personal qualities and character traits that in my years of wisdom might be desirable in a boyfriend. Perhaps we would share some hot coco…

Reality set in as I neared home and realized that I was woefully unprepared to have this conversation while road- weary.  Fortunately, I didn’t arrive home until bedtime and with a quick peck on her cheek and a warm hug, we tucked her into bed without my fatherly advice.

Finding a Great Boyfriend

The next day at work, I was still thinking about how to point out the importance of finding a boyfriend with a quality character and I came up with an idea.  I designed a word find puzzle with 22 different characteristics of a great boyfriend.  I would give her the puzzle with a friendly challenge to see how long it would take her to find all the words.  Then we would snuggle up on the couch and talk about the meaning and importance of each characteristic and how she might be able to see them by watching a potential boyfriend’s actions.

Proudly with my puzzle in hand, I approached by daughter with a big smile.  I might be exaggerating a small bit, but I am pretty sure that my neighbors two doors down could actually hear her eyes roll as I proposed my little game and conversation with her.  She reluctantly worked the puzzle and we had our chat.

I’m not sure if I communicated my fatherly advice well or not.  I guess time will tell.

I hope that when my wife of nearly 25 years works this puzzle, as she probably will, that she is able to say that all 22 desirable traits are visible in me, her husband and former boyfriend.

May all of us be judged solely by our character’s contents.

If you want to try my word puzzle, download the file by clicking on this link: Find A Great Boyfriend! It’s not a complete list, but for my daughter’s first boyfriend, I belive it would be a great start.

(P.S. Thanks to my father-in-law Joe for looking past my many flaws and allowing me to marry his beautiful daughter.)

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