What Makes You Fascinating?

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I came across a fascinating author and concept while reading Jeffrey Gitomer‘s latest soon-to-be best seller, “Social Boom!”  The author is Sally Hogshead and she contributed a chapter to Jeffrey’s book.  Sally also wrote a book called “Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation.” 

According to Hogshead, every day, intentionally or not, you’re using fascination triggers to persuade people at work and home. Whether you’re pitching a new client, or inviting a friend to lunch, or lulling a cranky toddler to sleep, you’re using triggers to elicit a certain response.

Which triggers are you using to persuade and captivate?

You have seven potential fascination triggers: power, trust, mystique, prestige, vice, alarm, and lust. Each trigger leads to a different style of communication, and a different type of relationship. The more accurately you identify your personality triggers, and the more intelligently you hone them, the more influential your message becomes.

She’s an advertising/marketing maven.  Hogshead claims that in the battle to fascinate consumers, brands apply triggers, too. Volvo uses trust. Godiva uses lust. FedEx uses alarm. Apple Computers uses several triggers, most notably prestige and power.

Triggers help companies sell products off shelves, persuade shareholders to invest, and to help employees to engage in vision and corporate values.

If you take her really fascinating online free assessment, you can learn how you too are fascinating.

Click the link and answer a few questions.  http://www.sallyhogshead.com/fscore.

The more you know about your fascinating self, the more you can be the you that only you were born to be!  This will help you to live a more fired up life!

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