How To Be All That You Can Be! How To Live Life To Its Fullest!

human canonball

Thanks to the marketing jingle of the United States Army we learned to sing, “Be all that you can be…”

Being all that you can be is the purpose of existence.  All life forms seek to optimize its existence through what we describe as living. A key difference between a single cell organism and human being is the human’s ability to choose to ignore or neglect the inner will to live or to live life to its fullest potential. This ability to choose one’s self-evolution is uniquely human.

Discovering and then realizing one’s full potential is meaningful and ultimately satisfying. We are always living a work in progress. That is the art of living. We are both the clay and the potter. The sum of how one chooses to live one’s life is one’s masterpiece.

Discover your strengths and limitations and then put them to use and you will discover your purpose and live an epic life. You will have been a man or woman in-full.

Dr. Wayne Dyer advises, “Don’t die with your music still in you.”  Sing life’s anthem, “Be all that you can be!” Then live the life that only you can.  No one can ask anything more.

Fire up your life or else risk fizzling out!

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