Journaling: Leaving a Trail That Leads to You

Ballpoint pen writing. Streaks of ink are visi...

Ballpoint pen writing. Streaks of ink are visible on the ball, indicating the direction of rotation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Setting aside 10 minutes daily to write one’s thoughts and feelings is a terrific habit to develop. Each entry is a snap shot of who you are and what’s on your mind at a particular moment.  Reading past entries in the present context is often illuminating and can lead to self-discovery of many personal insights.

Write for youself.  Spelling, grammar and syntax are unimportant. Even the daily topic is less important than developing the discipline of crafting a daily journal entry.  Some have found that an easy style is to write virtual post-cards to themselves or they write prayers. Other’s who crave structure, develop an entry template that includes such things as date, time, weather, key thoughts, wins, losses, hopes, ideas, frustrations, joys and more.  One is free to decide and no other human has judgment over the quality or content.  One’s journal is truly one’s own domain.

Reflection on past entries is a form of time travel which often reveals a much straighter path to one’s present condition. The sum and consequences of one’s choices often become clear.  Some people discover clue’s of God‘s handiwork in their lives, as they see seemingly unrelated events and thoughts meld into a mosaic of divine creation and purpose.

Grab a pen or a keyboard and start leaving a trail that will lead back to the true you.  A journal is the novel of your epic adventure called life.  I hope it’s worth writing about and I hope you like what you read because that means you like who you are.

Keeping a journal is a sure way to count your blessings daily and to live Fired Up!

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