How Do You Define Possible?

choice is possible

One’s personal definition of the word “possible” builds the impenetrable walls of the box of one’s limitations.  Once one creates his/her possibility box, one stuffs it with one’s knowledge, creativity, skills, hopes, dreams and judgments about what one thinks is possible.  When one’s box seems comfortably full, one starts rejecting new thoughts and challenges as unable to fit into one’s “possibility” definition. What one rejects one defines as “impossible.”

Is your life’s mission really impossible or is your definition of “possible” too small, narrow and/or incomplete?  Do you have enough evidence to convict something of truly being impossible?  Are you incorrectly defining too many hard, unlikely, difficult, challenging and long-term goals, dreams and hopes as impossible?

Is there possibly some more room in your possibility box? Is it possible that your possibility box doesn’t even exists in the real world?  Are you brave enough to put each possibility to the test? Have you allowed your limitations to define how you are living inside of your possibility box?

Is it possible to break free of your impossibilities by simply choosing to accept a broader, more long-term and open-ended definition of one word?  Possibly.

What is really possible?

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