How to Find Your Life’s Purpose

Spiral staircase within All Saints, Portsea

If you are searching to find your true purpose in life, a great guide and resource is “The Power of Purpose” by Richard J. Leider.

You can view a video from Mr. Leider here:

Richard Leider “The Power of Purpose”

“The Power of Purpose” is a book I wish I could have written, but am equally grateful to have read and learned from it.  “The Power of Purpose” helped me to reinforce my purpose in life, which is to help people become all that is possible for them to become by learning how, living life’s truths, and sharing the sparks with others.

So please allow me to share a spark with you that might help you find your purpose and Fire Up Your Life!

“The Power of Purpose” by Richard Leider is available at

I hope you enjoy your journey and decide to travel on purpose!

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