Why Can’t I Do What I Should Do? Skill VS Will

A tricolour Basset Hound.

A tricolour Basset Hound. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all have tasks which we believe we “should” do if we desire to achieve some goal. If one knows what one “should” do and believes one “should” do it then why is it so hard for one to do it?

Does one know how to do it? Whenever one has a gap between actual and desired action or performance, a great place to begin is to ask oneself if one knows how to do the task. A great test to see if someone has the required knowledge and/or skill is to ask, “If someone offered a million dollars to compete this task, could I get it done somehow?” (Note: hiring someone else to do the task and pocketing the rest of the cash is not an option.) If one could complete the task given a significant incentive or coerced to complete the task to avoid a significant harm or punishment, then one knows what to do and how to do it.

GETTING ADDITIONAL TRAINING WILL TYPICALLY NOT BE HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL IN MOTIVATING ONE TO COMPLETE A TASK! Teaching someone how to do something better which they already know how to do but choose not to do, is usually not very effective in motivating someone to do what they don’t like to do. So what’s missing?

longhaired Basset Hound

longhaired Basset Hound (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does one have the will to do the task? Is there significant internal motivation to satisfy a need or desire to complete the task? We all are able to sometimes do things we really are not interested or hate doing. Why can we do these sometimes and other times we are unable to rise to the occasion? Denying a natural need or desire to go against one’s natural motivation and choosing to act in a way counter to one’s nature requires resilience and willpower and comes at an emotional cost. Studies have shown willpower requires significant energy and if one expends all of one’s highly limited willpower reserves, one is unable to overcome one’s natural resistance to self-denial of one’s internal motives or base desires.

Dr. Steven Reiss, PhD has studied human motivation extensively and has created a motivation theory which categorizes basic human motives or desires into 16 common motives. You can read more about Dr. Reiss’s theory at www.16desires.com. If one doesn’t fully understand and appreciate what drives one’s internal motivation/desires, then one is easily blocked and frustrated. When we don’t get our needs satisfied, we tend to get frustrated and this too is draining. Frustration and willpower are tough to power at the same time. Unfortunately, frustration outlasts willpower and we give up as we run out of mental steam.

In many situations one may wish to “fix” or “educate” someone who is not meeting one’s expectations in a personal or business relationship through teaching them the “error” of their ways or selling them on a new path to personal wellness. This will be successful in the long-term if the client or subject is internally motivated to use this new knowledge or skill in a way which satisfies a significant need/desire. It’s news one can use. If not, the behavioral change will at best be temporary and under stress, the client/subject will typically revert back to natural behavior based on personal need satisfaction.

Determining if a performance gap or failure to adapt to a change is a resulting from a lack of knowledge/skill or a lack of will is often the key to determining the lasting effectiveness of any performance improvement intervention. Too often we try to teach a sheep to sing and end up frustrating both the sheep and the teacher. There is an apt coaching admonition which says, “A coach cannot want a player to play better than the player wants to play.” It’s typically best to hire the best players one can find and afford and not try to teach sub-par, unmotivated team members to success through coaching and training. If someone simply does not have the will to do what s/he knows how to do, then until s/he finds an internal motive to do the task which is greater than the natural resistance, the odds of successful behavior until completion are small. We each chase our own hybrid of motivational carrots.

Why are you not achieving your full potential? What are you forcing yourself to regularly do things which fizzles you out even if you are good at doing them? Is frustration holding you back from peak performance? Are you chasing the right carrot for you?

A Reiss Motivation Profile® can be an excellent starting point on life’s motivational marathon. If you would like to discover what naturally motivates you, please send me an e-mail at andy@lifematchesbook.com and we will schedule your personal RMP consultation.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound (Photo credit: Philippe Guintoli)

Learning to use your strengths to satisfy your needs/desires is a surefire way to live Fired Up!

Can 454 Questions Help Fire Up Your Life?

Charlie Brown's Super Book of Questions and An...

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Questions beg answers.  They make us think. As an executive coach, I try to ask thought provoking questions to help my clients’ think of new possiblities for their lives.  I tweet life questions on Twitter. There’s no particular order. The list of questions is kind of messy, just like life.  I hope you come up with the answers you need to be all that you can be!

Here’s a couple of years worth of questions.  It can take years to come up with the answers, but you will Fire Up! your life along the way.

  1. Congratulations! You’ve won the leading role in your epic autobiography. Will you accept responsibility for making a noble effort?
  2. Certainty should come with the following warning label, “It is certainly possible that I am wrong.” Do you have enough info to be certain?
  3. The only difference between a dream and a possibility is a plan. What dreams are you planning on making possible?
  4. What were you doing the last time you lost track of time because you were enjoying what you were doing so much?
  5. What do you WANT in life? Not what do you WISH, what do you WANT enough to do whatever it takes to have it?
  6. Are you buying what you most value with your most valuable resource…your time? Will you be satisfied with your time purchase? NO REFUNDS!
  7. When was the last time that you laughed so hard you teared up and your sides hurt? Isn’t it time for a good belly laugh?
  8. Can one word change your life? What will happen if you change, CAN I do this? to HOW can I do this? Adding HOW can make dreams come true.
  9. Where are you most needed in the world? Where do you feel you most need to be? Where is the place & time that both questions meet? Be there!
  10. When we ask ourselves at our core being, “Who am I?” our answer is often a question, “Who do you choose to be?” Have you made your choice?
  11. What is your full potential? Want to find out? wp.me/pZ8j9-kt
  12. What if the whole reason for a life is to discover and then realize one’s full potential?
  13. We seek means to desired ends. What actions will we take to create necessary beginnings?
  14. Farmers know that pulling on seedlings do not make them grow faster. What do you need to patiently allow time to grow in your life?
  15. Given twice the chance, what can we learn by the fact there is no saying that warns of “putting one’s foot in one’s ear?” Are you listening?
  16. When God assigns the mission and reveals life’s course. Will you choose to pilot your plane?
  17. What is most out of balance in your life? What possibilities is it weighing down?
  18. Pay someone a great compliment by truly paying attention to them. What can you do to demonstrate your understanding?
  19. When we live artfully we are both the sculptor and the marble.-E. Fromm Are you living your life so it becomes your masterpiece?
  20. Perfection is for God. There is good evidence to support the fact that you are not Him. Are you chasing the mirage of worldly perfection?
  21. When was the last time you allowed your outer friends meet the inner you?
  22. Which have taught you more, the lessons you have learned from your mistakes or from your successes?
  23. What could you accomplish if you asked more How? and What? and left Why? out of the question?
  24. What experiences and adventures could you remember next week if you allowed your heart and passion at least some say in this week?
  25. Is what you “know” limiting what you imagine? -Rabe
  26. FRUSTRATED? What are you “MUSTerbating” about? Very few things MUST happen if we are honest with ourselves. Can you change must to wish?
  27. Unhappy with life? Have you shared your expectations with someone you trust to see if the expectations are reasonable? What do you expect?
  28. How could your life be different if you refused to power your excuses with your thoughts?
  29. Who are you most thankful is a part of your life? What elements of your life are you most thankful for?
  30. Are your areas of ineffectiveness caused by a personal limitation or actually by an over used or misused strength?
  31. Humanity’s wisdom is accessible to more people than ever before online. Have you wisely taken advantage of this opportunity?
  32. If you’re unsatisfied with your answers, isn’t it time to start asking some new questions?
  33. What core beliefs and values drive your dominate behaviors?
  34. If your dreams are still miles off, what can you do today to bring them one inch closer to reality?
  35. Seduction wears alluring disguises: sex, power & money. It’s all a costume for a lie. What opportunity is too good to be true in your life?
  36. Who do you give permission to judge your worth?
  37. A powerful question to ask frequently: “What am I trying to control that is beyond my control?”
  38. We are called to serve in the place where our deepest gladness meets the world’s deepest hunger. -F. Buechner. Is your sweet spot calling?
  39. Choosing NOT to do something is as valid a choice as choosing to do something. What are you choosing not to do and why?
  40. Is it possible that the reason you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere is because you don’t have a specific destination in mind?
  41. How could your life change if you stop waiting for your dreams to come to you or stop chasing them & took steps to move to meet each other?
  42. The point of life’s story is character development. As the lead character in your story, how are you developing?
  43. Most unhappiness indicates a focus on what one thinks is lacking instead of appreciation for what one already has. Where’s your focus?
  44. If you read the job description for your current job would you apply? If so, congrats you’re hired! If not, is it time for a change?
  45. Will doing more of what you have already mastered satisfy your need for growth? Is it time to be a novice at something new?
  46. Which of your strengths do you over use? Has your unchecked use of your natural strength actually become a weakness?
  47. Are you allowing someone else to define when your life will be successful?
  48. Are you so consumed with seeking success that you never realize you are already satisfied?
  49. Is chasing the mirage of perfection so exhausting and frustrating that you are unwilling to try what’s possibly good enough to matter most?
  50. If you dressed like the “real” you for Halloween would anyone recognize you? Would you recoginze you?
  51. When you ask someone, “How are you?” and they say “fine” are they trying to tell you they are, Frustrated, Insecure, Needy and Emotional?
  52. It is wise to never make a permanent decision based on a temporary feeling. What strong feelings have changed like the weather in your life?
  53. There’s usually a nagging question waiting for your answer. What’s yours?
  54. Can you make a difference in our world? The only true answer is YES. The hard question is will you try to do so?
  55. When your mind wanders, where does it take you?
  56. Have you ever suspended judgment long enough to allow your mind to freely wonder to see where it might take you?
  57. When have you made a difference?
  58. Temptation always disguises itself as an opportunity at an opportune moment of our weakness. What tempts you most?
  59. Time’s impenetrable vault keeps the past secure. Why futilly try to crack it’s lock, when the great fortune of the present is here to enjoy?
  60. Will you dance with opportunity or drink with regret?
  61. Are you listening to you life? Are you paying attention to what is happening to you? Are you brave enough to live a new, happier love story?
  62. Odds that you were ever born, 1×18 with 403,167 zeros after it. You’ve beat the odds! How will you invest your winnings called life?
  63. “You have been given a life with Summers, songs, ice cream and tears. You didn’t ask for it. What are you going to do with it?”-Max Lucado.
  64. If you magically awoke tomorrow with only the things you were consciously grateful for today, what would you have?
  65. Have you fallen into the trap of sharing the least of your time, attention and energy with those who matter the most to you?
  66. Who will cry most at your funeral? How much time have you spent with that person in the past week?
  67. Psalm 139:9 a pilot’s favorite verse. What words inspire you most?
  68. Living the “good life” all depends on your definition of good. What is good to you?
  69. Are you waiting for your ship to finally come in or are you busy trying to build your spaceship or time machine? It it is to be, it’s up to?
  70. You’ve invested 2,400 minutes or more of your life working this week. Was it worth it? Will next week be worth it? Doing what you love?
  71. Does an architect add more value holding a pencil or a hammer? Leaders are organizational architects. What tools should you hold onto?
  72. Now is an opportunity to choose to fight about an unalterable past, plan a possible future or simply savor this moment together. Which?
  73. Undiscussable issues are unchangeable. What issues are unchanged because you avoid discussing them?
  74. Which mistakes and failures have actually turned out to be your most effective teachers in disguise?
  75. What could you see if your ego was not blocking your view?
  76. Knowing what to say “No” to can be as powerful a personal growth tool as knowing what to say “Yes” to. What do you need to say no to?
  77. ________________ will make me happy. How do you choose to fill in the blank?
  78. A habit is your mind’s autopilot. Is the habit taking you where you want to go? Is it time to change course? Out think old habits.
  79. How do you become a pilot? Just like every other pilot, you learn how to fly. What dream could you learn how to make real? Is it time to fly?
  80. Do you save enough of your energy and attention for those you love? Don’t give it all at the office!
  81. Ripe grapes must be crushed and then wait to become fine wine. What pressures are you experiencing and what will they squeeze out of you?
  82. How would your life be different if you could install a 30 second delay on your snap judgment?
  83. If you are the answer, then what is your life’s question?
  84. Has entertainment, the pleasant diversion of one’s attention, become your drug of choice?
  85. Your unique answer to this question is the brake to life’s hamster wheel. How much is enough?
  86. Are your dreams big enough to capture and hold the interest of your imagination?
  87. Hours flown can make experienced pilots, unless one is flying the same hour over & over. We all learn from experiencing variety. What’s new?
  88. Endless possibilites exist on life’s color palette. If you’re living monochrome, why not mix it up a little? Here’s to a new hue in you!
  89. Are you ignoring the people looking for you because you are too busy trying to find yourself?
  90. Are you frustrated by life’s refusal to stick to your plan? Why not plan for chaos? A pilot’s skill improves most by flying on windy days.
  91. Thoughts & dreams are free and talk is cheap. Taking the next step in your plan is an investment that can create your fortune. What’s next?
  92. Do you tend to invest more time thinking about your problems or thinking about possible solutions?
  93. If you retired today but were required to do something meaningful for 8 hrs per day to receive your benefits, what would you do?
  94. Are you self-disciplined enough with your time management to have time to complete tasks that are important but not urgent?
  95. Some sayings are self-fulfilling. “You tend to get more of what you think the most about.” is one such saying. What do you think of most?
  96. Stress is a response to your judgment of an event. If you can choose to judge as stressful, can you choose to judge it not to be stressful?
  97. Are you proud to tell people what you do for work or at least proud to tell them the company you work for?
  98. Is there someone whose strengths can make up for your limitations and allow you to use your strengths more effectively? Try teamworking.
  99. There is no recycling program for wasted time. Will you buy some memorable moments with your available minutes this weekend?
  100. What is one fun thing you used to enjoy doing? Have you tried it again lately? Never forget how you like to have fun. Is it fun time?
  101. The path to becoming your ideal self has many stairways. What step can you choose to climb today?
  102. Which of your personal limitations can u keep from limiting u by using your & other peoples’ strengths to manage and minimize limits?
  103. Self-discipline is often the secret ingredient that determines long-term success. Are you disciplined enough to do what needs to be done?
  104. Are you confident you are operating at your full potential? What do you need to change to reach it? What small step can you take now?
  105. Understanding someone is a gift. Understanding does not require agreement, just thoughtful listening. Who can you try to understand today?
  106. If you could program a TV channel with your very favorite TV shows, what would you call your channel and what does it say about you?
  107. A coach can see what you can’t while you are playing your game. Can a professional coach help you find some more of the full potential you?
  108. My all time favorite question: “How can I help?” What is your favorite question?
  109. Albert Ellis’s Great Life Truth: Who causes you to feel the way you feel? You do!
  110. As soon as one starts using “they” or “them” in a negative way, it makes “we” and “us” less likely. Aren’t they really us at some level?
  111. We often confuse understanding with agreement. U do not have to agree in order to understand a viewpoint. Who could you try to understand?
  112. If you wonder if you are a leader ask, “Is anyone following me?” Leader is not a job title. Leader is a description of observable behaviors
  113. Asking “What…?” questions are often more effective than asking “Why…?” questions. What questions do you need to ask and answer?
  114. What is the greatest lesson life has taught you so far?
  115. If you are a helping professional, can your pride and ego allow the person you are trying to help to be the hero of his own life’s story?
  116. Nature seldom creates patterns. If you encounter a possible pattern in work or life it is often helpful to ask, “What’s causing it?”
  117. Have you ever reviewed and observed your actual behaviors/activites while at work? What is the difference between being busy and productive?
  118. If you remove who you ARE NOT are you left with who you ARE and do you then have space to become who you were destined to be?
  119. Knowing who you ARE NOT is a key element that allows you to discover the one-of-a-kind you that you were born to be. Who aren’t you?
  120. If your livelihood depended on following your leadership, would you choose to follow? Who is choosing to follow your lead and why do they?
  121. Bad data beats great analysis every time. Are you placing your faith in meaningless math formulas? Are you confusing precise with accurate?
  122. You are the superhero of your life. Who are your nemeses? Are they people, thoughts or judgments? How do you plan to defeat them?
  123. Yesterday’s solutions have a way of becoming today’s issues. What old “fixes” no longer work and need to be revisited in your life?
  124. If you think of your personal development as a sculpture, do you need to add more clay or remove some to complete your masterpiece life?
  125. Think of life as a guitar. Six strings.1 Spiritual, 2 Physical, 3 Emotional, 4 Vocational, 5 Relational, 6 Financial. Is your life in tune?
  126. It’s the weekend! Will you allow your mind to come home from work and choose to end your work week?
  127. Do you surround yourself with inspirational quotes and people? Let them be your shield against fear, doubt and procrastination.
  128. Do you have a purpose beyond having a paycheck?
  129. You have been sentenced to life. Can community service free you from a self-imposed prison of meaningless living & solitary confinement?
  130. Have you allowed making a living to become the same for you as living your life? Do you work to live or live to work?
  131. What if our choices are life’s paving stones that create a pathway to our ideal future?
  132. Do you accept personal responsibility for realizing your ideal future one choice at a time?
  133. What do you want bad enough to do what it takes to earn and deserve having it?
  134. Are you making an honest fashion statement? “This is who I really am.” Being who you are and showing it, never goes out of style.
  135. Small changes=BIG differences. Have you ever replaced the word “problem” with “issue?” Which seems easier to resolve?
  136. When you vacation do you bring your actual or mental work along for the trip? Why pay to be away and still be mentally at work? Let it rest.
  137. When you look into your ideal self mirror, what would you see that is different from your normally reflected self who we see?
  138. What book have you been putting off reading? What if your destiny has left a clue for you to find in black and white on one of its pages?
  139. If you listen, you hear the ring of your inner calling. Are you sending back a busy signal? Your destiny depends on answering your call.
  140. Is there a path that your imagination wants desperately to take but your fear refuses to go along? What emotion drives your life most often?
  141. Beware the 3 voices of resistance to change: fear, cynicism and judgment. In what ways can you silence them with trust, hope and wonder?
  142. When our lives are out of harmony with our purpose, why do we think playing faster is a better strategy than taking time out to tune?
  143. Do you fully accept that your destiny NEEDS YOU?
  144. An easy way to find your life’s purpose is to ask yourself, “What is so important to me that I cannot NOT do it?”
  145. What if we are not meant to discovery our destiny, but instead to create it through the act of living it?
  146. To grasp our ideal future we must let go of our past so that we can welcome our future with open arms. What are you holding on to?
  147. Habits allow us to unconsciously function but they can bind us to a the past and blind us to a potential future. What habits need to change?
  148. What if your best potential future is waiting for you to act in faith, before it will appear?
  149. Is it time for you to update and upgrade your mental operating system instead of just downloading another mind ap?
  150. Why do we try to create a superior future by using old habits that only produced a mediocre past?
  151. Are your issues too big to solve or are they too small to challenge and inspire you enough to try?
  152. Is your heart is a better sensor of your future than your brain? Where is your heart trying to lead you? Will your ego let your heart lead?
  153. Knowledge+Skills+Natural Talents=Personal Strengths. What are your strengths? Are you using your strengths to live a fired up life?
  154. Can you describe what it means to you to be truly satisfied? What does it feel like? How long does your feeling typically last
  155. How big of a gap is there between your real self and your ideal self?
  156. Is there enough observable evidence to convict you of your convictions? What do your behaviors demonstrate you believe in most?
  157. What lessons are you teaching those who observe your behaviors by how you are choosing to live your life?
  158. How much do you earn an hour? What is an hour of your life worth to you? Are you satisfied w/ your deal of a lifetime? There are no refunds!
  159. What legacy do you want to leave?
  160. Do you seek success or significance? Are you more focused on getting or giving?
  161. Were you so busy making a living this week that you neglected to take the opportunity to make a difference?
  162. The year 20?? can already be chiseled on your tombstone. What are you doing to make the unknown time before the last two digits matter?
  163. What do you do to recharge your mental batteries? When was the last time you were fully charged? Is it time to plug in again?
  164. What did you do in the past week that mattered most to you? Is there a way to make doing what matters, the most of what you do next week?
  165. What could you do if you committed 1 hr per day in working to make your dream real? In one year you will have worked 9 weeks full time!
  166. Fuzzy distant dreams come into clearer focus with each real action step completed. What steps can you take today toward building your dream?
  167. Are you satisfied with your wishes and dreams or are you willing to take one small step after another towards making them real?
  168. Feeling troubled? Try this. Ask yourself, Can I choose to feel peaceful rather than how I am feeling now? You can! Will you choose to?
  169. Do you have someone to love, something good to look forward to and something interesting to do? What else could make you any happier?
  170. How many of your natural gifts are unwrapped or rusty from non-use? Can learning them and mastering them make you a better you?
  171. Is it time to stop trying to be more of who you aren’t & focus efforts on being fully who you are? Is unused potential just wasted energy?
  172. What’s possible if today is a blank page in your autobiography? What will be today’s story?
  173. Is it time to answer your life’s calling’s messages? Have you put your calling on hold?
  174. What are you waiting for? Can you take even one step in the right direction to meet it now?
  175. How can you make living your masterpiece? Color your life with your thoughts & allow your behaviors to sculpt a legacy worthy of any museum.
  176. 1-5, 1=Fizzled Out, 5=Fired Up! How would you rate your past month? What could you do differently to make next month a 5?
  177. If u are trying to keep the main thing the main thing in your life, what’s your main thing? How you spend your time & thought point to main.
  178. What if seeking the answer to the question, “What’s the point?” is the point of it all?
  179. If your life’s destiny and purpose were delivered in a well labeled box, would you have the courage to open it?
  180. If the past work week was an amusement park ride would you say hey that was fun, let’s go again or would you want a refund? Find a fun ride.
  181. Will the pressure to perform at peak propel you or crush you? Use pressure situations as life’s tests.
  182. If one of your favorite natural talents were turned into a superpower what kind of super hero would you be? Is it time to buy your own cape?
  183. What are the five most important words in your life? By observing you could anyone tell that those five words are most important to you?
  184. How will your attitude change if you accept that you are designed to be perfectly imperfect?
  185. If you allowed your heart to be your life’s compass, where would it lead you?
  186. What gift can you be for someone today just by being present?
  187. Are you knitting your fears into a cloak of worry?
  188. How could our world be different if we invested our social media time into community service or even mediation or prayer?
  189. Interesting question to ask yourself, “What am I waiting for?”
  190. Have you allowed your past to get in your life’s driver’s seat instead of packing it in your trunk? The past drives only in reverse!
  191. Two word motivational question, “What’s next?”
  192. When you think of yourself as being the best and most you, what are you doing? Can you make whatever makes the most you the most of life?
  193. What has experience tried to teach you lately? Did you learn from the lesson?
  194. Are you too distracted to notice how much distraction is costing you? Is focus the intellectual gold of our time? Multi-tasking is a myth!
  195. Have you ever felt certain you are the dumbest kid in the class? Does that make you potentially the smartest?
  196. If you cannot be anything you want to be, can you be a whole lot more of who you already are?
  197. Is it easier for you to believe the lies you tell yourself than to believe the truth about yourself?
  198. If you want to experience something you’ve never done, you must do something you’ve never done.-Os Hillman. What will you do next?
  199. According to Gallup, 70% of people do not get to do what they do best every day at work. Are you one of them? What are you doing about it?
  200. Do you agree with Michael Novak, who wrote in Business as Calling-“The aftertaste of affluence is boredom” ?
  201. Are the footprints you are leaving behind leading to a place that anyone else would want to follow?
  202. Which do you value more, making a dollar or making a difference?
  203. What stored knowledge can you dust off and put to good use in a new way today?
  204. Have you allowed your game of life to become a bored game?
  205. If you give more power to your weaknesses will you become stronger or just more powerfully weak?
  206. Are you asking so many whiny whys that you never ask heroic hows?
  207. Have you allowed the constant whisper of your irrational fears to cloud your judgment and to stifle your ability to achieve your potential?
  208. Where would you go and what would you do if called to go into life’s “deep waters” to test your strengths? Who would you want in your boat?
  209. Do your dreams die mainly due to your neglect?
  210. When you are lacking confidence are you really just lacking practice?
  211. Do you have the capacity to reach your full potential?
  212. Are you looking for the real you? Writing a personal ad for yourself might be just the ticket to fining yourself.
  213. The greatest discovery of my generation is- a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind. W James. How’s your tude?
  214. Have your life’s backseat drivers taken control of your steering wheel?
  215. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson. Are you choosing to be enthusiastic enough to achieve greatness?
  216. “Every noble work is at first impossible.”-Thomas Carlyle. What impossibility are you working nobly on to make reality?
  217. Russian Proverb-The hammer shatters glass but forges steel. Which will you choose to be when life pounds you?
  218. Measure your foot. How many inches closer to realizing your dreams will you be with each step?
  219. What questions do you have? What questions do you want to be asked? What questions do you want to answer?
  220. What will happen if you stubbornly refuse to accept anything but the very best for your life?
  221. How far can you go if you turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones?
  222. W. James “The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” What legacy are you building?
  223. Has your life become a series of reruns? How about creating a new exciting episode?
  224. What must you learn before you can move to your next chapter in your life’s story?
  225. What are your current challenges in life trying to teach you?
  226. On this the first day of spring, have you decided to grown any new sprouts? Winter’s over! Is it time to turn over a new leaf?
  227. Where and when do your best ideas come to you? Have you taken time to go there recently?
  228. When you find yourself asking “Why?” what will happen if you start asking “What?” and “How?” instead?
  229. How can I make today better than yesterday? Will I?
  230. Is it time to forgive yourself for past errors that resulted in you learning not to repeat your same mistakes?
  231. Are your futile attempts at controlling others ending up controlling you?
  232. Many may ask what are you willing to die for? More importantly, what are you willing to devote hours of your life to live for?
  233. Is there any place that your fears can trap you that your creativity, courage and faith cannot free you?
  234. If you seek to answer key questions you will discovery you know key answers. What key question do you seek to answer?
  235. What causes you to think more, quotes or questions?
  236. Have you accepted the job of author of your life’s story?
  237. What questions are you seeking to answer?
  238. If you were with a non-judgmental, trusted friend, who is a great listener, what would you want to talk about today?
  239. Is your success in-waiting, in-possibilities, in-progress or inactive?
  240. What will happen if you think of your dreams as possibilities instead of fantasies?
  241. How could following your passions lead you to your life’s purpose?
  242. What is keeping you from living your dream life starting right now?
  243. Are you carrying around an unopened box containing your true gifts in life? Isn’t it time you opened it and shared your gifts with us?
  244. Have you ever been so focused on trying to figure out what’s next for your life that you forget to enjoy what’s now in your life?
  245. Do you think, “I get to go to work:)” or “I gotta go to work :(” more often? If you’d do it for free, you’re living your purpose. Enjoy!
  246. How much time each day do you reserve for your personal growth and restoration? How often do you keep your reservation?
  247. Have you considered that whatever makes you the most angry may be your job to change?
  248. Are you being all that you can be? Are you being all that you want to be? To be or not to be? That is the question!
  249. Is your life feeling small because your dreams are not big enough?
  250. Are you more afraid of being wrong than you are passionate about possibly being right? Are you courageous enough to find out?
  251. What do you lie to yourself about? Why do you do it? What if you confront the lie with the truth?
  252. Have you become stuck resisting a change you need to make?
  253. What do you most enjoy doing at work? What do you hate at work? How can you change your job so you do more that you enjoy & less you hate?
  254. Stress is your body’s defensive response to abnormal situations. Have you allowed feeling stressed to become your normal feeling?
  255. Are you so consumed in your search for the pot of gold that you fail to appreciate the beauty of the rainbow?
  256. Why do we believe that our old ideas and thinking can solve our new problems that are created by our old ideas and thinking?
  257. Do you see forbidding mountains ahead of you or welcoming new vantage points?
  258. Is your constant search for novelty costing you your sense of satisfaction?
  259. When was the last time you recharged your spirit?
  260. What does “satisfied” mean to you? How can you be what you do not define?
  261. Will you experience any genuine fun, joy, love, kindness, satisfaction, happiness or peace today?
  262. Are you so busy pounding on the door that just closed behind you, that you have failed to turn around and see what is ahead of you?
  263. Have you ever considered that your way up may be to first move down?
  264. Can you allow yourself the freedom to play “let’s pretend” for a while today and pretend what your dream life would be like?
  265. When was the last time that you dreamed while you were wide awake?
  266. Do those who know you the best, love you the most?
  267. Is the carrot you’re chasing attached to a stick? Would you be satisfied if you grabbed it? Is your carrot even real or just cheap plastic?
  268. What will happen to me tomorrow? is a useless question. How can I make today better than yesterday? has the power to make tomorrow better also.
  269. How can you make the best of your life the most of your life?
  270. Can you accurately describe who you are without mentioning what you do?
  271. How could your life possibly be better, if you chose to answer yes to an opportunity or challenge instead of automatically saying no?
  272. If you were lost in a deep dark forest, would it be wise to run in circles as your exit strategy? Sometimes thoughts can look like trees.
  273. How will you live differently if you replace your why questions with how questions?
  274. Do you have enough faith to say Yes! to God’s requests?
  275. What are you buying with how you spend your time? There are no refunds or returns. Choose well how you invest your precious time.
  276. Are you giving your disabilities veto power over your abilities?
  277. What will you do today to make your strengths more effective and your limited capacities irrelevant?
  278. Can you tell the difference between the risks you can’t afford to take and the risks you can’t afford NOT to take?
  279. Is it possible that you have held onto something for so long that you have missed many chances to grab onto something new?
  280. Are you brave enough to pray, “God, what do you want me to do today?”
  281. How can you use your knowledge, experience, and strengths as a platform to make a positive difference in our world?
  282. Ever been there, done that, got the t-shirt, then discovered it’s poorly made , doesn’t fit, & isn’t you? Maybe you ran the wrong race?
  283. Are you your own best friend?
  284. What would your agenda look like for next week if money wasn’t a primary factor?
  285. Can you list at least five thing that you love about being you?
  286. What did you want to be when you grew up when you were a small child? Did you make it? What did your kid you know that you forgot or ignore?
  287. How does your current job bring out the best in you?
  288. What behaviors or thoughts do you need to change to become the you that you were born to be?
  289. What could you choose to do to show your love for someone you love today in a way that they most want to be shown?
  290. So you know what you don’t what in life, are you equally certain about what you do what in life?
  291. What hidden truths about yourself do your behaviors and the way you are living reveal?
  292. Can you remember the last time you had fun?
  293. What Unanswered Questions Are Holding You Back?
  294. Is it possible that the song that keeps playing in your head is trying to tell you something? What’s the message to you in its lyrics?
  295. Are you certain of the accuracy of your perceptions or merely confident? How does how much you trust your perceptions make a difference?
  296. Is Perception Reality?
  297. When was the last time you laughed until you cried? How about smiled because you meant it? Longer than hours ago? Find your mirth!
  298. What did you do last week that made a difference?
  299. Is ignoring a recurring question a very wise strategy?
  300. What is your full potential? What evidence do you have that supports your self-imposed limits? Does your evidence acquit or convict you?
  301. How many of your beliefs are really disguised fears that limit you from living at your full potential?
  302. Review your weekly to-do list. How many things are you actually looking forward to doing? How about adding at least one fun thing to do?
  303. Are your New Year’s resolutions really wishes, or are you backing them up with specific action plans?
  304. How could next year be different if you made step by step plans instead of New Year’s resolutions?
  305. Where is your best thinking leading you? If you are unsatisfied with the trip so far, what must you change so you get where you desire?
  306. Is it possible that way to live happily ever after is to live happily moment by moment?
  307. How would you feel if your biggest daily goal was to significantly encourage at least one person and you made it a point to do so daily?
  308. How is it possible that your dreams and your fears are manufactured by the same device? Does one seem more real or powerful than the other?
  309. Have you given the two most important gifts this Christmas, the gift of your time and the gift of your love?
  310. Hoping for a box of peace on earth and a stocking filled with agape love for me this Christmas. What gift do you wish you could receive?
  311. Are you secretly hoping you made Santa’s naughty list? What is your definition of good?
  312. What important life questions are awaiting your response? Do you have the courage to answer them?
  313. Is it possible to believe that one’s thoughts are just thoughts and not a reflection of who one really is?
  314. What makes your life meaningful to you?
  315. What life lessons are you teaching those who watch how you live your life?
  316. What will be your life’s legacy?
  317. Have you been so busy climbing a corporate ladder that you have not taken the time to look up and to see where your climb really leads?
  318. Does worrying have special magic powers to keep what you are worrying about from happening?
  319. Who can add a single hour to one’s life by worrying?
  320. Have your imaginary fears become real barriers to your positive life changes that you wish to make real?
  321. Is it possible that what you hate most about other people is really what you most need to change in yourself?
  322. Do you really have enough information about life to be a pessimist?
  323. Where do you place the majority of your trust?
  324. What question are you too afraid to ask yourself because you already know the true answer?
  325. What do you deeply and passionately want to experience in your life?
  326. Are you brave enough to live a great story called your life?
  327. If Santa could bring you a box with one thought in it that could change your life forever for the better, would you accept the gift?
  328. What were you made to do? Who were you made to be?
  329. How has God gifted and equipped you to make life better for someone else?
  330. How can you authentically live so you want more for someone else than for yourself?
  331. How may you serve?
  332. How could you live your life with more kindness?
  333. How could you live your life more honestly?
  334. How could you live in a more respectful way?
  335. Instead of Weight Watchers, what if there was a Thought Watchers? Each negative thought costs one point. You have one point per day. Join?
  336. Thanksgiving menu? Include soul food. Gratitude can be the most satisfying soul food. What feeds your soul?
  337. Can you discover the extraordinary in what initially appears to be ordinary?
  338. What did you do to exercise your body today? What did you do to exercise your mind today? What did you do to exercise your soul today?
  339. Can you discover the extraordinary in what initially appears to be ordinary?
  340. What did you do to exercise your body today? What did you do to exercise your mind today? What did you do to exercise your soul today?
  341. Where the questions lead the answers await. What answers do you seek?
  342. Are you brave enough to know and to live as if your strengths have more capacity and power than your limitations do?
  343. How could your life be different if you starved your fears of all energy?
  344. Are you as satisfied with your life? What judgments and thoughts can you change now to increase your satisfaction?
  345. What is the question you desperately hope someone will ask you ? How would your life be different if s/he asked you? How would you answer?
  346. Life is a great teacher. What will you learn by living today?
  347. What have you judged to be true? Are you certain you have enough info. to make a final judgment? How is remaining curious a wiser choice?
  348. Sunday a.m. to-do: 1) Define “blessing” 2) Start counting your blessings. 3) How many does it take to make you feel grateful?
  349. Have you ever considered where you place the most of your trust?
  350. What/Whom do you think you care about the most? Review your daily calendar, what/whom does it show you spend most of your time caring for?
  351. Are you unable to see life’s possibilities because you are looking through lenses fogged with fear?
  352. Life’s most important and meaningful question to ask yourself daily, “How may I serve today?”
  353. What would you do today if the whole purpose of your day was to live in a ways that expressed love as a verb?
  354. How would your life be different if you replaced your fears with faith?
  355. What makes you laugh? Sarcastic chuckles excluded.
  356. Do you most often hope for the best or anticipate the worst?
  357. Which of your most common behaviors define how you truly live?
  358. What would happen if you gave your curiosity the power to lead you in new and interesting and directions? What discoveries await you today?
  359. In your judgment, what is the most awful factor in your life that must change? Is it possible that the element is your judgment?
  360. How closely do your behaviors demonstrate your beliefs and values? Could a stranger observe you and know what you most value and believe?
  361. What can writing and then reading the scripts of your inner dialogue show you what is at play in your life?
  362. Can you feel a difference between feeling tired and feeling drained?
  363. What does your work wardrobe reveal about you? Is it an accurate reflection of the true you or a series of costumes for a role you play?
  364. What big life question do you already know the answer to, but choose to pretend that you do not?
  365. Do you accept your limitations as well as your strengths? What can your limitations teach you about who you are as your whole self?
  366. If you wrote a song to describe your life, what would the title be? Would you want to listen to the song? Would it be a hit?
  367. Can your personal limitations help guide you to your life’s purpose as well as your strengths guide you? What’s your whole you purpose?
  368. How do you define “mission accomplished” for your life?
  369. Are you content to keep folding and wait for life’s perfect hand to be dealt to you or is it more fun to play the cards you have to the max?
  370. Which end of your life’s battery is generating most of your thoughts, positive or negative?
  371. Can you gain as much life guidance and direction from the doors closing behind you as from the doors opening ahead of you?
  372. In the past week, how much time did you invest tending to what matters most to you? Did what matters most to you get the most of your time?
  373. How do your favorite hobbies allow you to practice your strengths?
  374. Are your dreams big enough to overcome your challenges and fears?
  375. Remember yourself at 9-10 yrs old? What did you want to be when you grew up? Would the child you were recognize and like the grown up you?
  376. How can you live your most inspirational quotes?
  377. Will you choose to be joyful and satisfied today? If not today, then when will you?
  378. What in the world upsets you the most? Is what upsets you possibly something you are called to do something about in a positive way?
  379. What are you most passionate about? How can you use your passions to fuel a more satisfying life?
  380. What do you need to say no to or goodbye to so that you have the time and energy to say yes to and hello to living your dream life?
  381. TGIF! What did you do best and like best doing at work this past week? Could you schedule next week so that you could do more of your best?
  382. Are you so consumed with making excuses that you have no time or energy remaining to make any progress?
  383. What need exists in the world that only you are designed to meet?
  384. What would you discover about yourself if you thought of your feelings as radio stations and tuned into each one and listened for a while?
  385. Is going faster in the wrong direction a good strategy to get you to your desired destination?
  386. Are you willing to risk climbing far out on a limb, for a chance to taste the unique fruits of life hanging there for you to pick?
  387. What do you most desire to experience in life? What are you willing to risk in order to experience it?
  388. What would you choose for your life tattoo?
  389. Are you getting what you want? Are you wanting what you are getting? Are you satisfied with what you already have?
  390. What would it take for you to make the “best” of your life the “most” of your life?
  391. Trees shed leafs in preparation of new growth. What could you shed this fall to bud into a new you by spring? Time to turn over a new leaf?
  392. Is it possible that you have become a human doing instead of a human being?
  393. Are you choosing to play a losing game?
  394. Are you satisfied with your success? What could you change so that you feel satisfied with your success now?
  395. Who are you? Who do you want to be when with strangers? Friend? Family? Alone?
  396. What new thoughts can you choose to replace your worries?
  397. Are you focused on winning so that the game ends or are you more satisfied joyfully playing for as long as you are able? The game is life!
  398. What choices are you making that define how you are living your life?
  399. Are the knots of your excuses keeping you tied to your dissatisfaction?
  400. Did someone who finished dessert first really win? Would you want to race through dessert? Life is sweet too! Why do we race through it?
  401. Where and what would you be doing today if meaning and satisfaction mattered more to you than money?
  402. Review your calendar for the past two weeks. How much of your time are you investing in pursuit of what is most meaningful to you?
  403. What most colors your character?
  404. Are you trying to drive your life by looking in your rear view mirror?
  405. Search your name. How many different “yous” are out there? The answer is: 1. You may share the same name with many but you are uniquely U!
  406. Who do you want to be when you grow up?
  407. What are your daydreams trying to tell you?
  408. What will be your legacy?
  409. If a life emergency happened, how many non-family, true friends could you call for help? What could you do to add three more by months end?
  410. Imagine a shape that best represents your life. What kind of shape is your life in?
  411. If you were your best friend, what advice would you give yourself so that you will have a terrific week?
  412. If only I’d…is a possible indication of a missed on-ramp in life. What’s yr “If only I’d?” What can U do to change it to “Im glad I…?”
  413. One of life’s hardest questions to fully answer: Why are you here?
  414. Look at yesterday’s to-do list. What did you accomplish that made you feel the most satisfaction? Can it happen again today?
  415. Pretend that your biggest worry today is the weather and you are the forecaster. What’s the real % chance of a severe storm?
  416. Today is show & tell & the assignment is to bring three things in a bag that best describes the real you. What’s in your bag?
  417. Are you settling for the good life? What can you do to make it great? How about amazing? Plan then take your first amazing step!
  418. What can you do to be most useful to someone today?
  419. What possibility could you make a reality by planning and then doing each step?
  420. Where will you find your inspiration today?
  421. Where would your passions take you today if you allowed them to drive?
  422. Monday morning’s question: What will you do this week that will matter 5 years from now?
  423. Seeking work/life balance? Have you spent any time reading Ecclesiastes lately? Can you make fall your season to change?
  424. 140 characters to summarize “you,” the lead character of your life’s story. Mine is “Learn it. Live it. Share the spark!” What’s yours?
  425. If the pages of your life’s story are very full, is there any room left in your margins to add a little more?
  426. Why is it so hard for us to help others by allowing others to help us?
  427. Piloted 228 miles in amazingly beautiful weather. Changed my attitude with altitude! What can you do to give your spirits flight?
  428. What if you allow your complaints to guide you to what you were assigned to help change?
  429. Challenge yourself to be better today than U were yesterday. How will U make it happen? Just do one thing that you didn’t do. Repeat daily.
  430. If your inner passion was a compass, what direction would it lead you?
  431. If you arrive at tomorrow you will be certainly older. What are you doing today to be better?
  432. An unopened gift is a useless waste. What unopened gifts are inside of you waiting to be unwrapped?
  433. If your life were a TV show, would you want to watch it?
  434. Let every school bus you see remind you that there is still more to learn. What will you discover today?
  435. How successful are you at being truly satisfied with your life?
  436. New pencils, binders and backpacks. Today’s the first day of school. What lesson will life’s classroom teach you today?
  437. Are you Fired Up or Fizzled Out? Download free worksheet to find out for yourself. http://bit.ly/cZxskU
  438. What will you do today that will make you feel Fired Up?
  439. Is it possible that a “?” is just a “!” awaiting to be inflated by your next enthusiastic discovery?!
  440. Discover the amazing difference asking How? instead of Why? can make today!
  441. Dreams become reality by dreaming a plan 2 make them so & then choosing 2 take each small step 2 create them. What’s your dream 2 build?
  442. What if life were as easy as writing your own fortune cookie? What would you write? What if it is that easy? Better get your pen.
  443. What’s your ROI? Your return on I or yourself? Are you investing in yourself so that you are a better “I” today than you were yesterday?
  444. Dawn birds chorus their own song. No comparison or envy of other voices. What song is yours to tweet this day? Sing your part as only u can!
  445. Sunday night. Are you dreading going to work on Monday? If so it’s time to see how you can fire up your life!
  446. Its Friday! How many days in the past work were you able to do your best work? If days are too long, how many hours? Did this week matter?
  447. What did you do to help someone today?
  448. If you knew that at 5:01 PM today your life’s clock would run out, how differently would you choose to live your life today?
  449. Curiosity and possibility are two important words in life. Put them together and you get, “Who is the me only I can be?”
  450. One of Mom’s questions is an important one: “What on earth have you done?”
  451. Did you get to do what you do best today at work? Over 70% of people according to the Gallup survey will say no. Fire Up or fizzle out!
  452. What if you lived your life as beautifully and awe inspiringly as fireworks look? You can if you are Fired Up! Share the spark. Happy 4th!
  453. What questions do you have?

How to Fire Up Your Life! Video Tip #1

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