What Makes You Fascinating?

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I came across a fascinating author and concept while reading Jeffrey Gitomer‘s latest soon-to-be best seller, “Social Boom!”  The author is Sally Hogshead and she contributed a chapter to Jeffrey’s book.  Sally also wrote a book called “Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation.” 

According to Hogshead, every day, intentionally or not, you’re using fascination triggers to persuade people at work and home. Whether you’re pitching a new client, or inviting a friend to lunch, or lulling a cranky toddler to sleep, you’re using triggers to elicit a certain response.

Which triggers are you using to persuade and captivate?

You have seven potential fascination triggers: power, trust, mystique, prestige, vice, alarm, and lust. Each trigger leads to a different style of communication, and a different type of relationship. The more accurately you identify your personality triggers, and the more intelligently you hone them, the more influential your message becomes.

She’s an advertising/marketing maven.  Hogshead claims that in the battle to fascinate consumers, brands apply triggers, too. Volvo uses trust. Godiva uses lust. FedEx uses alarm. Apple Computers uses several triggers, most notably prestige and power.

Triggers help companies sell products off shelves, persuade shareholders to invest, and to help employees to engage in vision and corporate values.

If you take her really fascinating online free assessment, you can learn how you too are fascinating.

Click the link and answer a few questions.  http://www.sallyhogshead.com/fscore.

The more you know about your fascinating self, the more you can be the you that only you were born to be!  This will help you to live a more fired up life!

#1 Self-Improvement?

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What is the number one thing you would most like to improve about yourself ? If you succeeded in improving this one thing, your life would become better or happier, or more satisfying.  What would it be?

If you took a moment to think about it, did you choose to improve something you were already really good at doing or being? If you are like many people, did you immediately focus on wanting to fix one of your limitations, personal failings, or fatal flaws?

A lot of people focus first on what they perceive as their negatives at the expense of their potential.  Did you?

Any personal self-improvement plan is basically a goal, a realistic understanding of one’s starting point and a plan of action steps that build a pathway that leads to the goal. The rest is persistence and perseverance. In short, you choose to just do it.

Certainly one may choose to not allow a limited capacity in any aspect of one’s life to keep one from achieving one’s goals or purpose. If something is holding someone back, then setting a goal and creating an action plan to reduce the impact of a personal limitation is a wise decision.

Our frustrations often come when we focus our energies on actually trying to dramatically improve a limitation or “weakness” to the point of where it becomes a strength.  This tends to not work out very often as we have real limited capacities in areas of ourselves that we are  unable to significantly improve even with our best of plans, intentions and efforts.

We end up wasting a lot of our time, resources and potential success, when we focus too long and hard on our limits at the expense of our potential. Focusing your energy and power on your weaknesses often results in making you more powerfully weak, as frustration and perceived failure set in. We often give up when we perceive our efforts as being futile.

Recognize, accept,  manage and minimize your limited capacities and then begin planning to empower your potential using your natural strengths.  Use your gifts and talents in new ways to realize your full potential, purpose and dreams.  Successfully achieving your goal will  require your persistence and perseverance but you have been well equipped for the journey and each small improvement in your strength will fuel your next step.

Focusing your personal power on developing stronger strengths is the key to living a fired up life!

If you would like to learn more about how to live Fired Up!, buy a copy of my book, “Life Matches: Fire Up Your Life!”  Tom Rath’s, “StrengthFinder 2.0” is also an excellent resource to help you discover your strengths.

The full-potential you that you were born to be is waiting to take center stage of your life’s performance!

Is it time to just do it?

Waiting Rooms or Living Rooms

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Due to a family member’s medical condition, I’ve spent a couple of days in hospital waiting rooms. 


Waiting for news.  Waiting for a change.  Waiting for something different. Waiting for healing. Waiting for a miracle. Waiting for peace. Waiting. 

There’s actually a lot of living that goes on in a waiting room. People worry, reminisce, chat, eat, read, watch TV, some try to work, surf the net, talk on phones, text, pray, laugh and cry.  All of these and more while waiting. 

A special factory must build waiting room clocks. Clocks of a slower ticking variety based on heartbeats instead of seconds. 


Most people find themselves occupying waiting rooms out of love. Some wait out a sense of duty, obligation or even guilt. Whatever their motivation, they all must wait in unison for whatever is to come next. 

I sit now in my living room,where many of the same activities as I observed in the waiting room go on.  The big difference is the clock which seems to flash forward between glances. Living versus waiting time. 

Is it possible that all too often we remodel our living room into a waiting room? We wait for word of what is to come next and put living on hold? Tick, Tock, Tick sounds the clock as life continues to unwind. 

Are you waiting to start living in whatever room you are in?  What are you waiting on? Is it possible to start living now and allow whatever is to happen next to catch up with you in progress? 

What are you waiting for?  

Whatever it is that you seek, or wait for, you do not go alone.  

I  hope that you don’t wait too long, so that your ideal life has a beginning and a rich middle long before it has an end. 

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