What Was Your Spark?

Lights, camera, action!

Image by itspaulkelly via Flickr

In my book “Life Matches: Fire Up Your Life!” a book of matches is a physical reminder to use your personal strengths to fire up your life.

Each match in the matchbook represents one of your many strengths or talents.

Each strength requires a spark to light.  What sparks your strengths? Maybe it was an encouraging parent, teach or coach who saw some smoke signals that hinted at your possible strength and helped you fan it into flame. Perhaps it was an experience which put you into close proximity to someone else’s flame that sparked you or it could have been the Holy Spirit’s faint whisper telling you it was your time to shine.  Sparks can happen in many different ways.  What sparked your interest?

Please take a moment to share what or who helped you discover one of your strengths by sharing a spark.  What or who helped you discover how to ignite one of your Life Matches so you could fire up your life?

Please share your spark by clicking on the “Leave a Comment” link that is located under this post’s title.  You might spark someone else’s strength by sharing your story.

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