Pursuing Perfection Is A Unicorn Hunt

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Perfection does not exist on earth. Every person and thing is slightly flawed.

True “perfection” is God’s exclusive domain. There is good evidence to support the fact that you are not Him.

Are you chasing the mirage of worldly perfection? Have you perhaps unknowingly signed up for a lifelong unicorn hunt of futility?

Could your frustrations be reduced by accepting “OK,” “Good Enough,” “Better,” and “Best I can do with what I have to work with” as valid answers to your life’s challenges?

Perfection in this world is unattainable and unrealistic. Is pursuing something unrealistic a wise way to live?

Freedom from perfectionism is found by first accepting the folly seeking it. Instead of asking, “was it perfect?” Try asking, “Did I do the best I could?” “Can I do it better the next time with what I have learned?” and “Am I better today than yesterday?”

“Perfectionism is a misguided pursuit of excellence. A genuine love of excellence is rooted in a conviction that God deserves our best and that other people deserve nothing less. But the perfectionist is self-centered: excellence has become an end in itself. Perfectionists are always dissatisfied-with themselves and with others. Their work is never a joy because it is never good enough. They are never good enough.

Rather than delighting in work well done for the sake of others, they are consumed with themselves and their own performance. Rather than working joyfully with others, they are demanding and uncompromising, incapable of accepting the miscues of others.”

Gordon T. Smith. Courage and Calling: Embracing Your God-Given Potential (Kindle Locations 1327-1331). Kindle Edition.

You may never achieve “Best” by the world’s measure, but you can be your best you!

What can you do today to move yourself one step closer to being your personal perfectly imperfect best?

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“Nobody’s perfect.” is a true statement. “We can be better.” is also probably a true statement.

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” -Voltaire

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